Accreditations - Mitsubishi Business Solutions Partner

The Mitsubishi Business Solutions Partner Programme's primary focus is on delivering the highest possible standards in both equipment supply and workmanship.  The Programme is uniquely based upon an agreed set of documented standards for Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance - assuring you, the customer, of a professional level of service and support from both Controlled Air Solutions Limited and Mitsubishi Electric.

In today's world however, technical standards alone are not enough.  As a Mitsubishi Business Solutions Partner, we feel that we must also look at the standards we adopt in the way we do business.  We consider Health and Safety issues and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies to be just as important.  This is why, in addition to adhering to the exacting technical standards of the programme, we also uphold given Health & Safety policies and abide by a set of CSR principles.

Fulfilling these standards as a Business Solutions Partner means we can offer 5 years' warranty on Mitsubishi equipment.

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