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All refrigeration systems containing fluorinated gases must be by law and in accordance with the European Union’s F-gas Regulation, No 842/2006, be checked on a regular basis, how often depends on size; Systems containing 30kg or more refrigerant requires a twice-yearly check, whilst systems containing between 3 and 30kg need to be checked annually. In accordance with this regulation, businesses are required to keep a logbook on site, in which records of any leak checks, refrigerant repairs and details of refrigerant gases removed and added are recorded. Without it, companies can incur large fines.

The Contract

Generally the equipment would be checked every quarter, the performance tested, the refrigeration cycle checked to comply with the F Gas legislation and all components cleaned to ensure the airflow passage is clear with all drip trays and drains treated with biocide. If the equipment has belt driven fans, these would be tested, tensioned or replaced.

The controls would be checked to ensure that all sensors are calibrated and all electrical and mechanical joints checked and tightened where required. Your equipment is likely to be under excessive loads, working 24 hours a day, therefore regular check ups are essential for reliable operation.

If you did experience a problem with your system all you would need to do would be to contact our head office on 0161-763-7373 explaining the situation and one of our qualified engineers would be dispatched swiftly. All engineers have mobile communication, including email and tracking, allowing instant contact – fast and efficiently.

We have a 24-hour call-out facility available to all with a current maintenance contract. This is manned by an engineer, who can discuss the problem and if necessary, go to your property or business and make repairs personally.



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