Controlled Air Solutions - Service & Maintenance

> Planned and preventative maintenance

Through delivering high quality installation projects Controlled Air Solutions was led to offering Planned Preventative and Reactive maintenance contracts. Preventative maintenance is essential in meeting the requirements of the installation and equipment manufacturer's warranty terms. During and following the warranty or extended warranty period preventative maintenance also ensures the equipment runs at peek performance and maximum efficiency. It has been proved in some cases that the increase in efficiency and subsequently the savings made in energy costs following a preventative visit alone can pay for the service.

Experience tells us that no two customers combined with their premises, varied types of installation and different usage are exactly the same, and therefore following a detailed site survey each service agreement is tailor-made to suit each clients specific requirements.

Our team of Service engineers are all qualified to industry standards including the safe handling of refrigerant's. Controlled Air Solutions provide ongoing training for all engineers in order to meet advances in industry legislation and new technologies.

> Service & Emergency Call Out

Despite regular servicing, faults can still develop on new equipment. The problem may not always be a direct fault of the air conditioning, but could stem from other services the system relies on such as the mains electric, water supply and free running drains.

Various problems can stop the system from operating, and in some cases, such as hotels, call centres, comms rooms etc immediate attention is required.

Controlled Air Solutions provide the availability of a service engineer to all of our contract customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

> Detailed Plant Inspection

In addition to providing contract service and maintenance, Controlled Air Solutions can also carry out one off plant inspections or condition surveys. An engineer will attend site and carry out a performance check on all equipment, he will check on the level of maintenance works which may have been carried out or are required at this time. The inspection will include identifying any faults that have arisen or are likely to arise in the near future, this being on the air conditioning system directly or its associated services.

A plant inspection is the best way to determine the general condition, efficiency levels and expected life term of a system. The results can be used to determine if the system is economically viable to keep running, if any repairs required would be cost effective or indeed if a new system including overall energy costs would work out to be the most financially beneficial in the long run

Based on the data gathered and the test results a comprehensive report is prepared, including full photographic evidence.

The Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases Regulations 2008.

> Refrigerants

Nearly all air conditioning systems contain Fluorinated refrigerant gases.

The responsibility of complying with these "F" Gas regulations is with the system end user or operator. It is therefore essential for the end user and part of the regulations that air conditioning systems above a certain size be regularly serviced or inspected by qualified personnel.

The Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases Regulations 2008 (FGG Regulations 2008) are in force and put in place offences and penalties applicable in Great Britain to infringements of the following provisions of the EC F Gas Regulation:

  • Qualifications for personnel working of equipment
  • Leakage checking/leak detection
  • Record keeping of servicing to be kept on site
  • Instruction manuals
  • Refrigerant gas recovery
  • Placing on the market prohibitions
  • Qualifications for personnel working of equipment
  • Leakages

The FGG Regulation 2008 entered into force on 15 February 2008

As a REFCOM member we abide by requirements such as maintaining a close audit of refrigerants, our service dept use the latest version the REFCOM refrigerant data tracking system so as a company we can demonstrate where all new and recovered refrigerant is used, where recovered refrigerant came from, was disposed of and why.

As a member of REFCOM, the register of companies competent to handle refrigerants, all Controlled Air Solutions air conditioning and refrigeration installation and service staff possess the required qualifications to handle refrigerants safely and in accordance with the latest legislation.



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